The Trading Donkey Trading Academy

Trading Academy is very important if you would like to learn new instruments to trade. It provides all the necessary skill set & behavior pattern to become an efficient trader in terms of both product skills & knowledge and handling yourself during a difficult phase of trading. The forex trading academy is very popular nowadays as the forex market is the biggest financial market with trading volume of almost $ 5 trillion a day, 200 times of daily trading volume of New York stock exchange. Normally in the past forex an academy worked by providing physical training classes at institutes but in today’s digital environment online activity has replaced physical activity. Forex market is also not isolated from it where the world economy revolves around online activity. The forex market trades on the OTC (over the counter); it is the market that has benefited most from online activity.

What is Trading Academy?

Trading Academy conducts classes to learn a new instrument & product before using it for monetary benefit. The forex trading academy teaches a full course where you can participate either online or through physical classes; online classes are more popular and provides you more flexibility. These academies charge some fee to provide education about the forex market. Full course materials are bifurcated in different modules likes Introduction to the forex, Market players & various kinds of analysis, Basic strategy, advanced strategy, live demo trading support, reviews & tests etc. You can master the course by sitting at your home. Academies use simulated environment for teaching trading, students can understand the extreme situation they would need to survive during live trading. These simulated environments really boost your confidence by providing techniques to control emotions during stressful trading periods and adverse market conditions. Non Farm Payroll is the mother of all news events that creates a huge amount of volatility in a very short period of time; normally prices move both ways after the release. Academies use these kinds of trading environment to teach student how to overcome fear, greed, stress, emotion and tackle forex market volatility. Normally forex brokers open their own academies & use their tons of forex market experience in helping new entrants to become a successful trader.

How to benefit from trading Academy?

Forex academy provides full practical product training to understand and implement in and out of the forex market. It teaches you about what the forex market is, how to trade in it, how the market moves, who moves the market, how to profit from it, why we use analysis, what types of analysis we should use, how one analysis is different from the other, how many types of traders are there in the market, what is your trading style and considering your style which type of analysis is most suited to you, what are forex signals, how to trade with signals, how to differentiate true signal from false one, which indicators are best to use as per you trading style, how to use combined indicators, how to trade while major news events, how to use leverage, liquidity and positions, how to manage your money, how to use risk management technique for your advantage, how to develop your own system, how to use demo account to test various strategies before going live etc..


The forex trading academy provides you all the ingredients to become a successful trader however being a good trader you need to implement and use it optimally for your advantage and profit maximization.

Advanced Guide

Upgrade your Forex trading knowledge with the most advanced techniques and strategies, we will help you keep updated with our top analysis and market research.

Basic Guide

New to Forex? we will take you hand in hand and introduce you to the Forex & trading market from the basic terms and opening new positions.


Learn about all the basic and advanced terms in the Forex market. From basic terms like ‘Forex’ to more advanced terms such as ‘Margin Call’ and ‘Liquidity’