Mobile Trading Platform


In continuation to our previous article where we discussed types of Trading Platforms, we can’t ignore and skip the changes in people behavior and the need to be in control, as much as they can, of their time and accessible to real time information.

Mobile Trading Platform lets traders quickly and easily accesses the Forex Markets. The Mobile Platform allows traders to place and manage their trades and investments on the go through simple, intuitive interface, which is designed to function on mobile devices like smart phones and Tablets.

By being connected and being able to track the market in real time, and most of time the platform is giving for free, that let you access your positions.

And needless to say, a Professional firm or Broker will supply its clients with access to sophisticated Mobile Platform where they will be able to get quality execution, tick by tick quotes, order limits, updated account balances, the ability to perform advanced technical analysis with multiple chart types, technical indicators, features like the ability the draw annotations in order to form you trading strategy and other crucial trading features.

In general we can divide the Mobile Trading Key Features into three segments:

Trade – allowing you to place your trades with one touch usually – short or long – instantly and you able to set limits, stops and conditional entry orders (just as you would with the full trading platform)

Manage – after trade is places, you have access to your account summary, with full P&L. and if you have multiple accounts (like one for day trading and another one for swing trading or investing, or if one is dedicated to currencies and the other one to commodities, etc.) you can view all past, pending and open orders.

Analyze – by having multiple charts (that of course can be customable with a wide range of technical tools and indicators) and also a view of the latest news and analysis to complete your experience.