TradeFxSignals Review


Trade FX Signals Review

TradeFxSignals is a similar service like the previous one, but the signals are sent to subscribers as hypothetic educational and informational signals through an email alert to anyone who subscribed before. As we can see, the signal isn’t directly transmitted on the investor’s platform and the decision is exclusively taken by user.

TradeFx has a strongly educational purpose and not a commercial one. Each client assumes the risk fully. The signal can be trade by investors after they consult their live account that provides information accordingly to the market moves.

The main purpose of TradeFx is to learn the new investors to trade without risking anything. Therefore, all the trades are placed on a demo account. If a person wants to invest on the real market, the site offers to them the possibility of accessing external links via an exclusive broker. In this case, the individuals who are willing to invest must have a demo forex broker account.
In general, a subscriber can receive from 0 to 10 instruments daily twice in one day. An open position is hold from 10 minutes to several days. In general, a hypothetic position is closed within the trading session in which it is opened. At end of the day, the client decides to make the operation or not. Therefore, TradeFx send an educational signal but the responsibility of investing is the user’s choice. Al the signals, analyses and news are made by self employed individuals that have a great experience in the Forex market.

TradeFx doesn’t offer free trials as it experiences several unpleasant experiences with subscribers that used multiple email addresses. Any issue may be discussed via email and it will be solved within 24 hours or sooner. The services is international and the TradeFx team offers more than 10 currency pairs as: EUR/USD,GBP/USD,USD/CHF,USD/CAD,USD/JPY,EUR/CAD,AUD/JPY,NZD/USD,EUR/GBP,GBP/NZD. All the used strategies and indicator are already used and the signals are accompanied with Entry, Stop Loss and Profit Target. The main discussed signals are based on market volatility, technical and fundamentals issues. Investors receive a extended market analysis over the weekend that includes charts. Any subscriber is considered important as the declared policy of the company regarding keeping a low number of members.