Omega Trend


Omega Trend is a popular robot that was created for both beginners and experienced investors. Its main feature is the modern built-in system that is remarkable through its economic news avoidance component. The robot has a system that avoids to trade when economic news is released. This robot is considered the most profitable package of trading strategies by many investors.

The strategies used by Omega Trend had been tried and are used by the robot as it works entirely in an automatic mod (the autopilot feature). Omega Trend incorporates three main trading strategies that can be applied on multiple time frames.

The main advantages for the investors that are using the Omega Trend are: the install setup is simple and needs a minimal intervention from users; investors can trade day and night; the price is for 4 different trading strategies etc. We notice something new than other Forex robots regarding the money management system as Omega Trend increase the amount of money invested as the account balance is increasing. Therefore, the sum that can be won and the assumed risk is directly correlated with the sum of money that an investor has. The risk per trade is highlighted as a chart for the actual sum in the default currency. The software can be tested free of charge 30 days. Accordingly to the general rule in this industry, if the robot doesn’t generate profit or it doesn’t meet customer expectation, the investor receives his money back. Every buyer gets a free lifetime updates and an access to an exclusive forum to get help and support. The creators of Omega Trend sustain that their robot is the first and they guarantee a discount if a better robot appears.

Omega Trend trades on a daily basis, just when the market conditions are profitable for trading, except on Friday or Saturday as the Forex market is closed. It can trade in a standard mode with two recommended exchange rate EUR/USD and a professional version that allows any currency pair desired by investors. The trading system can be adjusted by customers to operate during certain months or days.