ForexMegadroid is also a robot that allows automatic trade through a clever algorithm. The exchange rate between EUR and USD is the only currency pair traded by Megadroid. The robot places trades during 4 certain specific times in a week. It starts at 5-6 pm EST for two or three hours in certain days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

The strategy used by ForexMegadroid is an advanced scalping, considered being one of the best strategies in the FOREX market. This robot is considered reliable in both customized settings and optimized mode. Its main function is to analyze the price EUR/USD and find the perfect scenarios to trade in a long or short position. If the ForexMegadroid doesn’t find a perfect trade scenario, then it is possible to avoid placing a trade.

Both Fap Turbo and ForexMegadroid are considered successful robots and the trust is sustained by their several years as models for the automated trading systems. The latter was created for the assistants of the FOREX traders to give the best trading information and advices. The ForexMegadroid is a result of almost 40 years of experience and is different from other robots because it runs on RCTPA (Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis) with a great ability in predict the future. The method is the creation of two well known traders: Albert Perrie and John Grace. As a result, the ForexMegadroid is considered a modern robot because its development has followed the technology evolution. An important feature is the 1 hour timeframe used by robot to trigger its entry.

The ForexMegadroid can be tested through a demo options and has a 60 days money back guarantee. Its manual is very well structured to offer exactly what the investors need. Many investors are delighted about its particular accuracy in predicting the market.

We recommend ForexMegadroid for those investors that aim to diversify their portfolio or who don’t have experience in Forex trading. Anyway, there are recommended basic computer skills. Also, the robot recommended to that brokers that aim to work with lower spreads of the EUR/USD.