FAP Turbo


FAPTurbo is a robot that relies its functioning on the trading platform MetaTrader 4 (MT4) developed by MetaQuotes company. His popularity is given by the fact that is considered the first robot for FOREX market.

FAP Turbo is a robot that retrieves data and analyzes it to set up investment entry points in the market, but also exit points, in profit or loss. The FAP Turbo is written software for computers created as an auto-pilot program to watch the FOREX market. As any robot, FAP Turbo generates indicators for selling or buying and then enters into these positions in the automated mode.

FapTurbo has two methods built-in:

  • the Scalping method – this is a strategy that includes exchange rates between several important currencies as EUR, GBP, CHF, USD and CAD that are involved in a short-term buy and sell operations which are seeking to get small profits, but very often.
  • a long-run developed method – combines a long strategy with trades on long time frames (four or more hours) with a “stop loss” strategy.

An investor can optimize his investment by using many tactics in the same time. Therefore, the risk can be distributed between different trading strategies.

Some investors consider FAP Turbo as the most successful robot that can do tasks without any errors. The team creators of this robot highlight its main advantages: is watching the market 24 hours, it’s made to not miss a good trade, operates without making any mistake, can be accessed by users from home using their personal computers or can be launched in a Virtual Personal Server (VPS) server. In the latter case, users are not required to keep their computers turned on as the robot software can be launched through a server. Also, they consider FAP Turbo a robot unique because is different from other robots because of following: a investor can start with a small amount of money ($50), it is reliable regardless of market conditions, the users benefit of free lifetime updates and customer support through email and forum services, includes a guarantee of 60 days, the software comes with plenty video tutorials, doesn’t require previous trading experience etc. The Stealth Mode is an excellent characteristic of the FAP Turbo robot because it blocks the brokers to hinder the actions of investors by covering the actual value. The main drawbacks are the followings: as any robot, the anticipation is not accurate 100%, without a Virtual Personal server, if the Internet connection is very weak or goes down, the robot stops.

The FAP Turbo is considered a landmark for the professional from the FOREX market and it is consider, by the team that create it, as the single robot that has efficiency of 100% in a month since 1999 in back tests. Finally, we recommend FAP Turbo to the investors who don’t want to minimize their losses and are willing to make frequent small transactions.