Trade In Your Style With BoPros Online Broker – BoPros Review

BoPros Review -, recommended binary options broker

BoPros Review –, recommended binary options broker

One of the things that you have to be looking for as a binary options trader is to be able to trade in your style. This is possible when you are provided with the right elements on the platform given by your broker. BoPros is currently serving thousands of traders with their binary options trading and those traders are greatly happy because they can trade the way they want. BoPros has made that possible by providing options that let the traders feel free and untied. Right from the start you are introduced to options that let you be a trader with choice and will.

First, you have many different account types to make your choice from. Most traders work with only 2 or 3 types of accounts. Some are limited to serving the VIP members better and others are too focused on new traders to give proper attention to the seasoned ones. BoPros has kept a balance between both and has introduced 5 different account types. They have mini, standard, advanced, premium and black account types for all types of traders. There are bonuses available on all account types for joining the BoPros community of traders.

The minimum bonus you receive is 25% on your deposit and can go up to a full 100% for other accounts. In addition to many different account types, BoPros has made available various trading tools. This means you are not stuck with only one tool and thus only one type of trading style. You can choose one-touch option if you are trading on a volatile asset. You can keep your trades as small as 60-seconds. You can also go for long term trades if that’s how you like to trade. Pairs option is also available that allows you to put two different assets side by side.

When it comes to depositing the money, you are given multiple options here too. The most common method of depositing funds is through credit cards. However, if you have always preferred bank wires for online transactions, you can choose that. You can also go for third party options for depositing funds in your account. The maximum deposit you need in your account is only $250. This also gives way to new traders with tight budgets to start trading. With the ongoing specials and promotions, things are made even easier for these traders.

There is a demo available on the platform for traders who are still unaware of how market works and binary options are traded. Basic information is available right on the website but you can gain access to in-depth training material by signing up. The main platform for trading with BoPros is web based so no downloading is needed to trade. However, if you use your mobile phone primarily for trading, you can go for the mobile application. They have also made an economic calendar available, so you can have your eyes on the economic conditions and trade with higher speculations of profitable bets.