The foreign exchange market (FOREX) is an over the counter market (OTC) with a turnover of multi-trillion dollars. The FOREX market is a huge network that implies millions of participants. As such, it is impossible to measure it exactly. The Bank for International Settlements makes a survey for 3 years and highlighted an average daily turnover in global foreign exchange markets of $3.98 trillion. As such, any individual who wants to invest on the FOREX market should know that the foreign exchange market is the biggest financial market. Its development is sustained even if it’s a crisis period as the people need currencies in an integrated and globalized world. Compared with the United States equity markets, the FOREX is 30 times larger. Every day on the foreign exchange market are reported a volume of almost $2 trillions.

An initial investment on the FOREX market should be made with a lower amount of money. Also, individuals should analyze the market characteristics before to invest. It is known that a big part of beginner traders fail in the first months as they don’t have patience and aren’t sufficient informed. Anyway, for the active and really interested people, the FOREX market can assure relatively acceptable things.

The FOREX market is based on a functional structure that allows both small and large investments. Also, any individuals can participate on the foreign exchange market, no matter if he is beginner or has a great experience in trading. With a little bit luck, anyone can obtain money on the first day. In a world that evaluates everyday, the expert advisors are a useful instrument in assisting the taking decisions process.

One of the biggest advantages of the FOREX market is the fact that is functioning all the time, with minor breaks at the end of every week. Also, in a globalized world, everyone can trade at any hour in day and night, anywhere around the world.

It is important for the individuals that intention to invest on the FOREX that it is a market characterized by a high degree of liquidity. The profit can bewithdrawn immediately. Also, the FOREX market offers to investors many advantages as: it is stable and the turnover doesn’t decrease during a crisis, it doesn’t require commissions, exchange fees or other hidden charges, the profit can be obtained even if the exchange rate of a currency is falling, the information are public and transparent to everybody, any transactions is completed in less than a few seconds because all the trade is online and made in real time.

Therefore, the FOREX market is open for every person with a high desire to win using a financial knowledge or through the expert advisors that are specially made for this kind of jobs.